Real or virtual: can you tell?

Agency: DeuSens  |  VFX: RushVFX

Agency: DeuSens

About the event

“Real or virtual: Can you tell?” is an advertising campaign directed by Deusens to show what VR can be used for. This event was held at the Open Urban Lab in Etopia, a place for innovation, art and technology.

The effects

After analyzing different options we thought that it would be interesting to play with the audience. The spectator would see the same environment from the same point of view with or without the VR headset. Once in the virtual world the room would start to react and move, showing that virtual vs real contrast.


RushVFX did all the CGI work. The set was completely recreated in 3D. The animation was made using a custom rigid body simulation in houdini. All of that in a 360 environment.

Final result

Explore the 360º using your mouse or a VR headset.


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