Bendita Calamidad

Director: Gaizka Urresti  |  Production: Urresti Producciones  |  VFX: RushVFX

Dirección: Gaizka Urresti
Production: Urresti Producciones

About the film

Bendita Calamidad is a comedy directed by Gaizka Urresti, awarded with a Goya award in 2014 for “Abstenerse agencias”. RushVFX took care of all the VFX in the film, more that 50 shots, from on-set supervision to final delivery. Here you can see a compilation of the different shots that shows the variety of effects, such as simulations, chroma keying, match moving etc.

Case study: cloth and fire simulations

In this clip we show some details of the cloth and fire simulations. It is a key sequence and the first in the film and Gaizka wanted it as real as possible.


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